AAAC - Australian Anti Aging Corporation

Australian Anti Aging Corporation

Australian Anti Aging Corporation

Cenegenics Elite Age Management Medicine

La'Phoria - Finest Ingredients

Professional's Choice - Self Branding Opportunity

DNA Testing - Medical and Nutritional

EWOT - Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Professional Opportunities

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The Cenegenics Elite Health Opportunity

A 3 Doctor Cenegenics Practice averages $8 million net profit a year. For the first time, Cenegenics is expanding world wide, with a limited number of Franchises available in select locations throughout the world. Cenegenics is the world leader in Age Management Medicine. With 22 successful clinics in the USA, over 18 years experience, 35,000 satisfied patients, and an 85% retention rate of patients over the long term, our model makes sense for everyone involved.

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About the AAAC

AAAC – Australian Anti Aging Corporation – is Australia’s leading Age Management Medical organization and is a leader in the integration and dissemination of cutting edge scientific information for health, wellness, skin care and anti aging.


AAAC Professional Opportunities

AAAC welcomes inquiries regarding Cenegenics Franchise Opportunities, La’Phoria Re-Seling Opportunities, Professional’s Choice Skin Care Re-Branding Opportunities, EWOT Clinics/Studios and Affiliates, DNA Testing benefits, and other Medical, Age Management and Skin Care possibilities.


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Cenegenics Global

Find out more about the Cenegenics Global Franchise Opportunity
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Pharmaceutical Grade Medicosmetics – Finest Ingredients – 100% Australian made.
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Professional's Choice

AAAC Elite Skin Care Range that you can BRAND as your own! Imaging the exclusivity and wow factor with your own brand of Pharmaceutical Grade Medicosmetics.
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Exercise With Oxygen Therpay
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DNA Testing

Genetic Testing for – Lifestyle, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Medical
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Cenegenics Australia

Elite Age Management Medicine – Full Day Elite Health Evaluation
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